Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

1. Watch For Signs Of Stress & Anxiety In Your Dog

If your dog doesn’t like their costume don’t make them wear it. Not all dogs are fans of dressing up in elaborate costumes. If your dog doesn’t like wearing all that extra stuff opt for a simple Halloween themed collar or bandana.

2. Check Dog Costumes For Loose Parts

Any ribbons, buttons or beads on dog costumes can cause potential choking hazards for your dog. Keep an eye on your dog when they’re in their costume — some dogs have a tendency to want to rip anything to shreds, including pesky costumes.

3. Ensure Your Dog’s Costume Fits Correctly

Dog costumes, as any other dog clothing, can be tricky when it comes to proper sizing. Make sure any costume you get for your pet isn’t too tight and that your dog seems comfortable.

4. Avoid Costumes With Masks

Don’t choose a costume that will limit your dogs vision or hearing. If you want to take a quick photo or two with your dog in a mask that’s one thing, but I wouldn’t recommend keeping it on while you go out trick or treating with your dog.

5. Don’t Choose a Costume That is Too Heavy or Large

Avoid costumes that will hinder your dog’s ability to urinate, defecate, eat, drink, or move freely. There’s a lot of dog costumes to choose from — pick on that your dog can be comfortable in.

6. Choose a Dog Costume That Comes in a Lightweight Material

Avoid overheating or exhaustion by sticking to costumes made from lightweight materials.

7. Keep Your Dog’s Visibility in Mind

If you’re going to go outside with your dog on Halloween make sure their costume is bright or reflective for better visibility.

And remember — if your dog doesn’t enjoy wearing costumes there are some easy alternatives; a Halloween themed bandana or collar can look just as festive.

Halloween Candy & Treats Safety Tips For Your Dog

Make sure your Halloween candy is out of reach from your dog at all times. Be careful when it comes to eating candy not to leave any wrappers behind; we all know how great dogs can be when it comes to picking up things off the floor.

Many Candies & Treats Are Toxic To Dogs

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and xylitol, which is found in many artificially sweetened candies, is also extremely toxic for canines. If you suspect your dog may have ingested anything toxic call your veterinarian or local animal emergency clinic. Xylitol poisoning can be fatal for dogs.

The ingestion of xylitol or xylitol-containing products causes a rapid release of the hormone insulin, causing a sudden decrease in the dog’s blood glucose. -Petmd

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