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Our Mission

We start by rescuing dogs from shelters and placing them into foster homes.
“A Soldiers best Friend, Helping to Heal.”

Wolfhounds Legacy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization . Our mission is rescuing and training veteran and first responders with their dogs to become certified service animals for the benefit of veterans with PTSD and creating a sanctuary for them to go to. 100 % volunteer based in Cape Coral. FL. By finding dogs from high risk shelters and pairing and training them with U.S. veterans and first responders based on specific needs, we are helping the lives of both veteran and dog. Our teams are brought together for training prior to placing the dog into the home to ensure a perfect fit

All of the rescue dogs we bring into our care are saved from high risk shelters and start to train in a home environment. They are introduced to children, pets and other outdoor environments that make up the everyday normal activities of our veterans. These dogs then choose their veteran and the road to service dog begins. They train for 9 month and are tested to ensure they are the perfect service dog. All teams start out with a meet and greet with their rescue dog. Once a bond and a match is made they will go on to train for 9 months. We keep in contact with all out teams even after graduation and most come back to help assist in training the next class.

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We are certified by the National Senior Care Association
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Great Staff


According to the U.S. VA an average of 22 veterans died every day.

Veterans counted for 18% of all deaths from suicide in the United States. That is a striking statistic and the reason for our efforts. The lives of military veterans are extremely important to our country and our community. Service dogs have been proven to be a benefit to military veterans for multiple purposes. Dogs make great companions and can provide stress relief and a purpose to a veteran’s life. Service dogs can also help veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, or mobility issues . Our veterans in the program have seen the difference in themselves and their dogs. Our goal however is not only save one life, but two. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year. We hope to be a part of the decline of that number by receiving our soon-to-be service dogs from high risk shelters. The dogs that we intake were saved from euthanasia and placed in our program. By doing this we are promoting adoption of shelter pets and saving lives. These dogs will go on to become service dogs and save the lives of our United States veterans and first responders.

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