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On Thursday, November 11 we will be celebrating Veterans Day.  I really can’t tell you how many fantastic veterans I have had the honor and pleasure to meet and have in my company!  I really got this opportunity because of my involvement with Wolfhounds’ Legacy.  I read an article on a few ways to give our gratitude for all that a veteran has done for keeping our freedom and protecting each one of us in this most wonderful nation.  I hope that the veterans I have encountered know my gratitude and honor of knowing each one.  Wolfhounds Legacy along with a veteran trains dogs for service to assist them.  I was blessed to belong when I wanted to save a dog and help a veteran.  I kept my first dog I fostered and my house has become a revolving door for many of the dogs.  My pleasure comes from seeing a veteran light up when they receive and bond with their forever!  I see how the veteran helps the dog get over their fear of abandonment and trust issues.  Over all it is a  win win situation!  I know it is a small gesture for what a veteran has done for us but we are here to help and I am always here to listen to a dear friend! We have a dog for you so call us 239-601-6786 and we will show you our gratitude!! You will love it!  Pictures are some of our graduates!!!!!

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