Faye Maliszewski

President and Co-Founder

President of Wolfhounds Legacy Faye Maliszewski Co-Founded the nonprofit organization in 2016 with the dream of saving two lives at a time. Faye has been training dogs for 20 years, from search and rescue to obedience and service.
She learned different techniques from other trainers and applied their techniques to her own. Faye lives in Cape Coral with her husband and her own German shepherds; one in particular is her husband’s service dog Jaxx, who flies back and forth to their other Wisconsin home.
Faye’s loves of dogs jump started her passion to the rescue world and then being in a close military family with father, brother, son and friends that have served this great country, this was her way of giving back .

Faye now heads the Wisconsin Chapter of Wolfhounds Legacy and runs classes during the summer along side her son Jak. 

Melanie jacob

Vice President

After 33 years of a career with the Probation Division of NewJersey ( Monmouth County) I retired and I started to volunteer with the Monmouth County SPCA. (The best! Puppies!) Winters got to cold so I moved to Cape Coral in 2016, and volunteered with Gulf Coast

Humane Society( The best Puppies!) until I met Wolfhounds Legacy! I have done everything imaginable with dogs/puppies except train( not good at that job) I love fostering and loving all the dogs and giving treats, so all the dogs know me as Grandma! The best job!

I love being in Cape Coral but love going to New Jersey to visit with my family and friends!”

Mark Fry

Director of Operations Spent 11 years as a US Naval Flight Officer. Deployed to the Atlantic Fleet with Special Projects Reconnaissance Squadron Unit 2. Deployed to North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea including Iceland, Sigonella, Sicily, Rota, Spain. Primary Mission intelligence collection on the Soviet Fleet.
Following separation from Navy worked for several large companies ie. Pfizer Labs, Kodak Clinical Diagnostics and Johnson and Johnson, mostly in the greater NYC area in Sales and Marketing roles over the last thirty years.
Have adopted six Labrador Retrievers over the last 20 years. Trained detection canines dogs for illegal substances and bed bugs as well as therapy dogs for VA visits in the metropolitan hospitals.
Currently volunteering as the WLC Director of Operations and one of the Lead Trainers.

Travis Faulkner

Inventory Officer

Travis Faulkner is a retired United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Goshen, Indiana, Travis moved here to South West Florida to be close to his wife’s family. Travis has a BA in Transportation and Logistics Management and is proud to be serving Wolfhounds Legacy as one of its board members. Additionally, Travis was  accepted in the program himself where he was paired with his own service dog Ruby.

Jeff Demond

Event Coordinator

Jeffrey (Jeff) DeMond is a retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief with over 20 years of active duty service. He also happens to be a 100% disabled veteran. He was injured late in his career after multiple deployments. He required several reconstructive surgeries to repair his ankles and shoulders. Due to the unique nature of Jeff’s medical condition, he was prescribed opioids, benzodiazepines and countless antidepressants.

After numerous (7-9) years of being overprescribed harmful, addicting opioids both on active duty and retirement, Jeff found a better way of life. Luckily for Jeff, someone introduced him to medicinal cannabis. Jeff stopped taking most of his pharmaceutical prescriptions as if by a miracle. He has been clean and sober since 2010 and continues to use cannabis. Jeff uses cannabis to manage his pain and alleviate PTSD symptoms, including depression. Since finding a better way to manage his condition, he has advocated using medical marijuana. A passionate patient rights activist, Jeff and his wife Tara recently founded The Grateful Veteran – a non-profit designed to aid service members financially with their medical marijuana doctor visits and state fees.

Through The Grateful Veteran Jeff has helped over 500 veterans obtain their medical cannabis card. Jeff has been busy community building by hosting and attending numerous local events throughout the year.  Jeff has helped to raise money for the Cape Coral Military Museum and has also donated funds to the Wolfhounds Legacy.

Jak Walter

Canine Training and Behavioral Specialist

Jak was around when Wolfhounds Legacy first started when he volunteered as a dog handler in between traveling. He saw Wolfhounds Legacy grow from just an idea into what it is today.

He currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his fiance, but travels regularly for work as a biologist and photographer.

He graduated with his Master’s in Biology from Miami University in 2022 where he studied animal behavior and conservation in Belize and Namibia. He completed his undergraduate studies in biology at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee while also studying in Ecuador focusing on marine ecology and animal behavior.

When in the country, Jak works at the education department of the Racine Zoo where he teaches the community about wildlife and conservation with the help of the ambassador animals. He believes that positive reinforcement and empathy messaging are some of the greatest things he learned during his time there.

Now, Jak helps with assessing dog temperaments and also leads every years’ class with his short seminars: ‘Canine Behavior 101’, ‘Dog Training 101’, and ‘Canine Behavior 102’ where he teaches our incoming team members on the basic ins & outs of owning and caring for a dog

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