Well this was a great week!  Drego had his follow-up appointment with Dr. Carnes. The Dr was blown away with the success of his recovery! He can sit up and stand wobbly, and goes like a bat out of hell in his wheels!  Jack has now nicknamed him Wheels! He can really move in the grass.  The best is him having therapy in the pool.  I won’t lie he looked like a frog from the back at first😁but now with motivation and a strong drive he is doing great! He is exhausted but it’s all for the good!

He had some visitors ( his veteran, Scott and Charity) you want to see a happy dog, Wow!! So his progress is ongoing and soon he will be back to a new and improved Drego.  We need him as our Ambassador and a voice for the abused animals.  Which I know will be sooner than later!

Week 5 Drego’s Recovery

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