Some interesting facts about therapy dogs!

Therapy dogs can be of any breed and any size.  They must be well behaved, housebroken, and love and be friendly to people.

Therapy dogs can heal simply by their presence!  I know I always feel better when my dogs are in my presence. They can sense my moods and are quick to change them from anxious to happy.

Did you know that a study was completed in 2017 at Tuft’s University that proved that dogs have a positive impact on learning. Children in the 2nd grade that read to dogs showed and increase in reading skills due to the fact no judgment  by peers, no anxiety for making a mistake, stuttering reduced, and the dogs really enjoyed it. I like it when people read to me!!

The magic that they spread is uncanny when all they have done is be present, share their unconditional love, perhaps a kiss or two!

Therapy Dogs

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