Nineteen years ago, on September 11 our country was bombed in NYC, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. Destruction and devastation and chaos was inevitable. With all of our firefighters, police and first responders at the scenes, we also had volunteers and some were 4 legged.

Three hundred dogs came into NYC  of those 100 were prepared for a disaster of that size. The media coverage of 911 focused on the dogs as a ray of sunshine in a bleak landscape.

These dogs worked tirelessly, doing whatever was needed to get the job done.

The dog to the right is Bretagne she was one of the heroes of ground Zero. Sniffing and digging or easing unimaginable grief! She was the only remaining 9/11 search and rescue dog until June 6, 2016 she finally was laid to rest at 17.

When she went into the vet that day search and rescue workers and firefighters lined the sidewalk and saluted and when she came out her body was draped with the American Flag!

Dogs have been known to do so much for humans often they don’t know the enormity of what they do!

The Last Working Dog from 911

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