This article is taken from The Ultimate Guide to the Animal Mind

Consider these scenarios.  One person is deliberately physically abusive to a dog, making it cower and shake.  Another person claims to love his pup but insists on having a well trained dog means the pet owner  must be the alpha and dominate the dog with force quickly punishing any unwanted behavior.

Unfortunately these examples are not as different as you may think.  The first example is guilty of abuse,( we hate him), the second is also abusive in showing the dog we must always be obeyed.   if you’ve reasoned that you are the alpha its time to change some thinking!

First you are not a dog, you know that and so does the dog!! No proven research supporting the idea you are a dog in the dog’s eyes! instead research has shown that the bond to a human that’s us,,   is similar to that formed by a child.  Dogs look to us for guidance, read our body language, and get frightened when they are subject to fear and pain, similar to a toddler.

In the beginning of training it is so beneficial to start with a few treats but the best form of training is with positive reinforcement, and praise.  Now who doesn’t love praise?  I  love treats but that’s me and I’m pasted training!!!!!!

The Alpha Human Myth

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