Hey What’s for Dinner!!!!I hope your dog will like these if you decide to try them!!!

Turkey Recipe

Feed your dog a power-packed meal with 50% protein sourced from ground turkey and peas and 25% fresh veggies featuring carrots, spinach, and zucchini. Complete the recipe with a 25% share of grains with brown rice to ensure a nutrient-dense meal for your furry friend’s nutritional requirements. Preparing this batch of food is  way cheaper than buying varieties of all-natural food items.

Chicken Recipe

You can serve your dog a quality meal made with kidney beans, squash, chicken, green beans, and butternut served over a spread of white rice. This super-nutrient and easy-to-make recipe is a great option to ensure optimal taste and potent energy for your dog. You can also add chicken livers to enhance the taste and nutritional quotient in a single serving.

Now some of of dogs need to slim down a bit so this is a good way to start

  • Turkey, rice, and veggie mix
    This low-calorie, low-fat, nutrition-rich recipe takes the least amount of time for preparation. You can ensure optimal health and high energy levels for your dog, while also keeping the extra pounds away. This recipe s the perfect balance of lean animal protein, fresh veggies, and healthy carbs. Use a Dutch oven to stir the turkey and rice with water and boil it at high temperatures. Then, reduce heat and simmer for around 20 minutes. Then, add frozen vegetables and cook for up to 10 minutes for a delightful meal for your dog!
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