Did you know that September is National Service Dog Month? This was originally named National Guide Dog Month. Actor and animal advocate Dick Van Patten established this in 2008.  Mr. Van Patten was so moved and inspired by the work of these working dogs he launched a fundraising drive to raise money to benefit schools of training all over the country. Many of the training schools now  go to high kill shelters to pull dogs for this.  What started out as a fundraiser turned into a an annual celebration of the extraordinary work that service dogs perform.

We know first hand what these dogs have done. First the majority of the dogs are removed from kill shelters or undesirable living conditions.  The dogs know their fate and demonstrate their thanks over and over again.  They are the most loyal, love unconditionally and want to please their veteran.

It is amazing how they can read our emotions, and our ailments.  As our companions, they have therapeutic capabilities which  many have not been trained for specific ailments, but they know how to respond to reduce anxiety, warn of upcoming seizures, migraines and onset depressions.  They have made it possible for veterans who has been reclusive to return to be productive and happy adults.

Service Dogs definitely deserve the whole month to be honored and celebrated!

Drop us an email or leave a comment how you are celebrating your service dog and how they have assisted you.  we would love to hear from you!

National Service Dog Month

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