On Wednesday we were invited to help at the VA clinic in Cape Coral by Feed The Pack.   Feed The Pack is another ministry I belong to that helps pets and their owners by distributing pet food.  Another of our helpers is the Exceptional Entrepreneur’s.  This picture is of Terry and Jobbers and his handler Mike.  Terry is afraid of dogs, especially big dogs!!  After Mike introduced Jobbers to Terry she still was not to sure but by the end of their visit Terry is a fan of Jobbers!!!!  Mike got up with Jobbers to walk around and Terry did not want them to go!  We can all learn lessons from our four legged friends, they have  patience, are compassionated and love unconditionality.  This is what Terry needed to know, that Jobbers is her friend, but it was all on Terry’s time, noone rushed her and it all happened as easy as she allowed it!

Kindness and Compassion to Others

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