I know this was yesterday, but better late than never!   Who loves us better than our pets??? Who loves us unconditionally? Who doesn’t judge us? That would be our 4 legged furevers💕I can tell you I am not home with my babies and I miss them a whole lot. This is Bailey my German Shepherd who has had my heart for years. Many people that know me say Bailey has my personality(she is the queen and when you all realize that life is good) she allows me to foster dogs until their veteran comes along!  Fostering is a wonderful and rewarding act! You are socializing, and having them get comfortable with humans again, and then pass them on.  Each and everyone has taken a piece of my heart, but that’s how it should be! Then we have Baron, a little brown ball of fur who looked like a bear cub! Baron is our special babe who hops at birds, and other dogs! He will play 24/7 and stalks my next door neighbors by watching them on their lanai and wondering why they are not bringing him a treat, he’s Baron. Baron will be a therapy dog because he is the happiest dog I know.  Bailey has been a therapy dog and loves people, but not all dogs! (Like me again , but that’s people not dogs)

This Valentine’s Day my heart is full because my 4 legged babies have given me their heartI hope your heart is as full as mine!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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