Do  you know what your dog means with their bark? I know to some it can all sound the same and of course annoying.  Well they are communicating and we should take that seriously!! The Isolation  Bark is the one that is higher pitched and is usually like Hey pay attention to me! I’m here!  Disturbance Bark is one that warns us of a stranger near or that dreadful plastic bag that is dangerous! The Growl is a low pitched continuous grumble that usually means back off.  If the dog stills and shows teeth it’s time to retreat!! Also that growl can accompany a good tug of war when playing, go figure but watch that body language.  This is my favorite , The Sigh. Now I thought my dog Baron was bored, but I learned he is content according to experts.  He is expressing aaahh I love my life💕💕and my Grandma too!

FYI- Some Barks

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