This week Jack and Jackson flew in from Wisconsin after a few fun weeks for Jackson playing, running, and showing off his skills as another proud pack member of Wolfhounds’ Legacy! Jack got to relax for a few before Faye puts him back to work spreading the good word of Wolfhounds’Legacy!
If you are planning on flying with your dog please be pro active. Contact your airline to find out what they require. SouthWest has been just great! Have a copy of the dog’s shot record with you!! Have the dog in the correct gear! Make sure you arrive early and be pleasant! You are representing Wolfhounds Legacy, we dont want any bad comments, only the best for our pack!
Jackson received a certificate and his wings, Jack got nothing!!!! Jackson will now become a frequent flyer as he jets back and forth to Wisconsin.
If you see Jack and Jackson at the airport say Hi but remember DON’T PET they are both working!!!

Flying High

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