Last week Drego had his second operation performed by the fabulous Dr Carnes from SCAN (Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology)   He has a long road of therapy but we have only the most positive vibes going his way!  He is home with his veteran Scott and Mama Charity to start the healing process.  They have to put him in a sling type garment to get him up not much weight on the legs yet, These people are angels, they have adjusted their lives to accommodate Drego and Scott has even shaved his head so Drego didn’t feel self conscience due to his shavings!!

We have plastered all over social media  pleas for help,  and we hope you will share this also. These operations were necessary 1 so Drego could walk, 2 so he could be pain-free 3 lead and assist his veteran.

Drego was severely abused by his previous owner.  At 4 months he was tied up outside, left in inclement weather in Georgia and beaten until he could not walk. The coward that owned him would not agree to treatment, and he just wanted him euthanized. We are sure so no proof of cruelty would lead back to him.

We are moving forward and only wish the very best for Drego, Scott, and Charity.  After 2-3 weeks he will start water therapy to get those legs going.  We will be in the water with him and also cheering him on. What a bond those 3 have!  THey are their own pack, but even better they are part of our pack, and always will be!!!!

Drego’s Post Operation

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