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Save money, save time and keep the chemicals to a minimum when you create your signature brand of Homemade Dog Shampoo. With only 4 common ingredients and about 10 minutes of prep work you will be on your way to a squeaky clean, happy dog.  

Let’s get started by measuring out each of the following ingredients:

2 cups of water

1 cup of baby shampoo

1 cup of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons of aloe vera


Put all 4 ingredients in a large container, and then mix the combination until the ingredients are fully incorporated. Transfer the shampoo into a bottle or air-tight container for storing. When making your own dog shampoo, no need to go overboard! Since most homemade shampoos use fresh ingredients without preservatives, you should use them within a week or two and make them in small batches, or give as gifts if you have multiples. Store your shampoo in a dark, cool place or in the refrigerator. Feeling creative? Print out a label with your dog’s photo on it and put it on the bottle :)

A Little Extra:
Some additional and/or alternative ingredients such as castile soap, lavender essential oil (to help combat fleas), coconut oil (to moisturize), distilled white vinegar (to remove smells) and rosemary (to moisturize) may be incorporated into your signature Homemade Dog Shampoo. Warning – please be careful in using essential oils. Read about their properties ahead of time. Use only a couple of drops. Remember your dog’s sense of smell is incredibly acute, therefore the scents if too strong may overload them. Also, avoid pennyroyal and tea tree oil as recommended by Laura Benko, a holistic lifestyle expert and founder of The Holistic Home Company.
Always avoid getting shampoo in the eyes as the vinegar can act as an irritant.
Baby shampoo fully cleans your dog without leaving his or her skin itchy or inflamed. Apple cider vinegar helps to combat any oncoming flea invasions. Adding in the aloe vera is completely optional, but  recommended as it supports hydrated skin and a silky, smooth coat.



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