Memorial Day for me as I was growing up was the start of summer.  I did not think of soldiers or war. I thought of what to do for summer vacation and summer clothes and the very best, I would go to my aunt and uncle’s to celebrate and go to the parade, and have a barbecue to celebrate  Memorial Day. I got to go to an all day festival with rides, cotton candy, ice cream and watermelon!! It was memories I would never forget.

It wasn’t until I was in high school and the VietNam War was in progress that I realized Memorial Day was to honor our soldiers, man and woman who had sacrificed their lives defending our freedom, honor and safety.  I never knew how to properly thank someone that gave their life for my freedom.  I would say a prayer for their family, put a flag on a gravesite, and love my country.  It wasn’t a lot but i was a dopey kid.

I was introduced to Wolfhounds’ Legacy in 2018, let me say I am much much older, and sometimes still dopey!  I met Linda Fuller the cofounder of Wolfhounds’ Legacy, and was informed I  could foster, train and prepare a dog to become a service dog for a veteran.  Well i just flipped I found my way to say thank you by honoring those men and women that sacrificed for our freedom.  Faye Maliszewski, the other co-founder, gave me a German Shepherd,  Bailey Boo to foster and train for a veteran.  Well long story short , I suck as a trainer, and I kept Bailey Boo, the first dog I  was entrusted with.  I can tell you this, as being part of Wolfhounds’ Legacy I get to see a veteran train  their dog!  I get to see the love between the dog and the veteran! I get to see some of the stress melt away. It is an honor to be in their presence!

So today as we celebrate Memorial Day, without a parade this year, I still feel good knowing I am part of a group that honors our veterans. Yes they are the living but they sacrificed much more than we know!

I will say a prayer for all those that sacrificed for us, and hope they are smiling knowing we do thank them for our freedom!

PS That’s Bailey up top





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