Dogs aren’t born knowing how to live in your world, they need to be taught be you the dog parent!

These are two that I have the most trouble with!

Barking- Yikes it drives me crazy! The first thing you need to do is don’t let the dog become bored!  Leaving your dog for long periods of time is a no-no, but if you are working what can you do?  If possible hire a dog walker, or doggie day care now I know both can be expensive so maybe a frozen Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter!

It is also suggested that you remove the objects that can cause barking, its suggested you close the blinds but I cant see that,  they need sunlight , so dog puzzles anything that will slow down the boredom. Of course lots of exercise and play! It is suggested that you DO NOT yell at them when barking??? What, If I didn’t yell my neighbors would fall down dead!!! They say that when you yell it sounds to the dog that you are barking right along with them!!! Wow learn something new everyday! so tomorrow when someone has the audacity to walk on our street I will calmly ask them to stop and divert their attention and i will let you know how well I am doing with this task!!

If Your Dog's Bark Suddenly Changes, It Could Be the Sign of a Health Problem – SheKnows

Jumping- Another feat my dogs have perfected! Not only is this annoying it can be dangerous to us humans, knocking us down, scratching just to name a few. Try this the next time jumping occurs, fold your arms across your body, no eye contact, and stay still. When they stop jumping reward them for being calm. Tell them to sit and if they get to excited again cross your arms again no eye contact and be still when they regain calm reward eventually they will get it!Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People | Love Toy Dogs

Adult Dog Behavior

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