Dog Health Tips

Don’t Overfeed your dog!

50% of dogs in USA are obese!  Overweight dogs are at increased risk to cardiovascular disease, joint diseases, diabetes, and a lower immune system. They are less mobile and please stop putting your dog in a stroller! They need exercise! Give them the recommended amount of food per your vet.

Touch your dog’s nose

It should feel wet.  A healthy dog should  have a cool slightly wet nose. dogs secrete sweat through their nose to cool down,

Make annual appointments to see the vet

Having your dog go to the vet at least once a year is a responsible way to keep up with their vaccines, and for the vet to give an examination so no surprises occur

Brush your dog’s teeth

This is often overlooked, but it can avoid extensive dental work and bill.  Make sure you use a pet friendly toothpaste not yours and not your toothbrush either!!


Dogs need love and affection tons and tons of it .  Make sure you spend time with them inside and out.  Give them attention, treats, play with them.  You will be rewarded!

A Few Dog Tips

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